Tim Farron comments on Westminster attack

Commenting on the attack in Westminster, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“These were horrific and deeply tragic events and my thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of those who lost their lives today and the many more who are injured.

“The bravery and professionalism of the police and emergency services has been truly humbling.”

“When the attacks happened, many people, both police and civilians, ran towards the danger in order to help. Their bravery was awe-inspiring.”

“Our response is to this must be more democracy, more openness, and more humanity. We will answer hatred with love.”

“At times like this, we must remember who we are. Britain is an open, tolerant country and we will never let those who spread terror and threaten our values win.”

Why Labour’s ‘Right to Remain’ shambles is terrible for the NHS

On Monday the Labour party had one of its biggest meltdowns yet. Voting for, then against the amendment to protect the rights of EU citizens who already live in the UK to stay here.

Nobody knows where Labour stand on Brexit, they’re trying desperately to play both sides. Unfortunately for them people in this country are wise to it and people cannot respect a party that will not stand up for what it believes in.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said “Labour had the chance to block Theresa May’s hard Brexit, but chose to sit on their hands. Tonight there will be families fearful that they are going to be torn apart and feeling they are no longer welcome in Britain. Shame on the government for using people as chips in a casino, and shame on Labour for letting them,”.

Locally the NHS relies on hundreds of EU nationals, both doctors and nurses, to shore up an already underfunded service. This is a huge problem for every person in our country, and we shouldn’t let hard working EU nationals and their families be treated as second class citizens.

As Liberal Democrats we believe in an open, tolerant and united future for our country. We want them to stay, they’re part of our country and our community. We will do all we can to fight for their rights and make them feel welcome. If you agree please join us.

MPs voted down the amendment on EU nationals’ rights by 335 to 287, a majority of 48, with peers later accepting the decision by 274 to 135. The second amendment on whether to hold a meaningful final vote on any deal after the conclusion of Brexit talks was voted down by 331 to 286, a majority of 45, in the Commons.

Apply for your postal vote for May’s election

Life is so hectic for many of us, after the last elections many people said that they hadn’t managed to make it to the polling station to vote. We all have busy lives and sometimes things like voting get forgotten about.
The Libdems want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to vote. Voting by post may make it easier for you – whether you are away from home a lot, a student or elderly.
Just fill in the form here and send it back to to the Council. Then, a few weeks before polling day, you will receive your ballot paper in the post. Anyone who wants a postal vote can get one for any election, and even if you forget to post it you can take it to a polling station on the day.



Our position on Brexit

1. Referendum on the proposed new agreement with the EU
The Liberal Democrats are demanding that the people are guaranteed a referendum on the deal at the end of negotiating process. Most people did not vote for the Hard Brexit that Theresa May has set out. That’s why the British must get to decide at the end of this process whether they support the deal the government gets or would prefer to stay in the EU. Unless the people are given the final say, Liberal Democrats are clear that we will not support triggering Article 50.

2. Staying in the Single Market
This Conservative Government’s reckless plans to take Britain out of the Single Market would be a disaster for our economy. The Liberal Democrats have demanded that there should be a parliamentary vote on whether to leave the Single Market, and that official government policy should be to join the European Economic Area as soon as possible after Brexit. While Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have waved the white flag on membership of the Single Market, we will keep fighting to defend British jobs and prosperity.

3. Right of EU nationals to remain
The Liberal Democrats are demanding that EU nationals residing in the UK keep all the rights they currently enjoy after Brexit, including the right to stay in the UK indefinitely. These are people’s neighbours, colleagues and family members. They must be given assurances they can stay instead of living in fear and being treated as political bargaining chips.

If you agree you can back our plans here

Letter to the Nottm Post: Benefits of the House of Lords

On Wednesday the House of Lords showed common sense in amending the Brexit bill to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living in the UK. To remove the right to live here from people who came legally would just not be fair. For a great country like ours it is quite crass and undignified to treat these people like bargaining chips for negotiations.
Although I would prefer those in the Lords to be elected, this vote has also showed us the benefits of having a second chamber. In the most important political issue of this generation we don’t have a functioning opposition in the House of Commons to scrutinise government policy. Who is representing the 48%? The Lords are doing a better job of this than most of our elected representatives. The interests of the 52% are not well served either by Corbyn’s deferential agreement with Theresa May. Parliament works best when our representatives ask awkward questions, amend bad bills, and vote with according to their considered judgement. Through history we have had the Good Parliament, the Short and Long Parliaments, the Rump Parliament, is the current one earning the sobriquet ‘the Supine Parliament’?
Tad Jones
Monsell Drive

Full litter bin on Mansfield Road

Photo of this report

The small litter bin by the bus stop on Mansfield Road (between Springfield Road and Monsell Drive) is full and people have been putting rubbish on top. Needs emptying and perhaps a bigger one installed. Reported to fixmystreet in the Rubbish category by Tad Jones on the 8th February 2017.


Letter to the Nottm Post: Respect is key to fair society

imag0655As a Liberal I’m very much in favour of the enactment of the Alan Turing law that will pardon thousands who were prosecuted for homosexuality before 1967. Governments have no business interfering in the love lives of private citizens. This is an injustice which should have been recognised and put right long ago. Liberals believe that the power of the state should not be exercised against you, unless there may be harm to others. This harm principle was famously articulated by John Stuart Mill in 1859. Not a bad principle to live by, or to run a country on. Having respect for individuals and diversity is, I feel, the mark of a civilised society. These days, with nationalists becoming emboldened by brexit and the election of Donald Trump, recognising how liberal laws and policies can make a positive impact on peoples lives seems more relevant than ever.

Tad Jones
Monsell Drive